Fast fluid surface reconstruction based on narrow band method

The reconstruction of fluid surface mesh is between fluid simulation and fluid rendering. The quality of reconstructed fluid mesh is closely related to the final rendering effect. Under the current limited computing power, it is a very challenging problem to guarantee the mesh quality and speed up the reconstruction efficiency simultaneously.

A Completely Parallel Surface Reconstruction Method for Particle-Based Fluids

Intro: In this paper, a fast, simple and extremely accurate narrow-band method of fluid surface is proposed firstly, which makes the surface reconstruction algorithm (such as marching cube) accurately process the valid fluid surface area, which greatly avoids the useless calculation process. At the same time, we analyze the potential race conditions and conditional branching in the reconstruction process, by using mutual exclusive prefix sum algorithm, the whole process of fluid surface reconstruction is completely parallelized, which greatly speeds up the efficiency of surface reconstruction.

Computer Graphics International (CGI) , 2020

Fabric Modeling and Rendering

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Microscopic model based real time algorithm on fabric rendering

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